Boy Meets Girl

12 11 2006

Boy meets girl.  Boy courts the girl.  Boy gets his first date, never mind what’s the showing whether it’s some triple x.  Girl gets attracted up to the kili kili level.  Girl says yes to the boy.  After all the usual rituals of courtship, BebeKo and I is now in the adjustment phase of our relationship.  That’s the time when boy moves in to the girl’s apartment.  We have weathered from the storming phase, and that’s the time when girl is suspecting boy has another one and boy is jealous even with the girl’s brother.

Part of living together is knowing who’s to do what and what to do next.  It’s awkward at first but it is exciting like the excitement you get when your balls get tickled by chicken feather.  I do the laundry, and BebeKo does the cooking, ironing and cleaning the house. 


Mga Tugon


5 responses

13 08 2007

Nakaka touch naman ito. Swerte mo sa kanya! Sana pag time ko na, kaya ko rin mag sacrifice na tulad niya para sa taong mahal ko.

22 11 2007

sweet.. =)

25 01 2008

wah buti ka pa kmi kkb pa din hehe

badoodles: @jepoy pasasaan bat papunta din dun. hehe

29 01 2008

hehe korek di ko muna inoobliga baka mauntog e wehehehe

bibili nga kmi washing machine baka cpagin hekhek

9 04 2008

my favorite blog… sobrang nakakatuwa da story and how you made kwento:)

badoodles: @krys00 tenkyu tenkyu.

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